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Karnataka State Football Association governs the highest level of organised football in the state of Karnataka from the time when the state was then called Mysore. Our mission is to ensure that the 'beautiful game' is played throughout the state and to oversee the development of teams and clubs by providing the necessary in the spirt of the game.


Karnataka has  enjoyed a glorious past and has a rich history in football.It has produced the highest number of Olympians who wore the country’s colours with pride in the 1948, 1952 and 1960 Olympics. 
Our vision now is to restore the past glory of Karnataka as a football power house and spread the game to every district and taluk in the state.


Karnataka has a rich history of producing talented footballers who have played for India at the highest level including 13 Olympians. A renewed interest in the game over the past 5 years has come through the creation of clubs like Bengaluru FC, who not only were crowned champions of India but also made the country and state proud by their performances in the Asian Leagues.


Today, Karnataka boasts over 350 plus registered football clubs across the districts making it one of the more popular states for football in the country

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