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KSFA & TAL Women's Cup Edition 2

Date: March 8th,2020 International Women’s Day

Location: Bangalore Football Stadium

Sports Paddock ran a Women’s TAL football tournament on the 8th of March to celebrate International Women’s Day. 16 teams from across Karnataka came down to Bangalore Football Stadium for a fun filled day of football bringing together an array of talents, friends and football enthusiasts.

TAL chose to use their platform to bring awareness to menstrual hygiene, an everyday subject of utmost importance in a women’s life that is shrouded in taboo. They partnered with World of Women, an NGO dedicated to educating and empowering women with the knowledge of menstrual hygiene and management in a society with low awareness and a lack of facilities to cater to a women’s basic needs. The president of the NGO Nirmala Nayak and ambassador Varsha Ashiya, came to cheer on the girls and share some words of wisdom creating a strong sense of community and acceptance amongst the women and men present.

An enthusiastic 160 women came together to battle it out on the field with Karnataka Women’s League champions, Kickstart FC, winning the title against an equally impressive Lavelle Women FC making it to runners up. While Lavelle Women FC didn’t take the cup home, they certainly were the highlight of the event. The team were from an NGO dedicated to helping young girls from marginalized backgrounds (also an A Division team). Their climb to the top displayed a strong sense of spirit while knocking out professional teams until the final shot against Kickstart FC.

The semifinalists were Sisters In Sweat and Belgaum United Football Club, who participated in the recently concluded Karnataka Women’s League. The other participants were Bangalore City FC (a highly reputed football academy), BTM FC, Mahi’s Girls FC, Christ University FC, Raman Sports Academy, Young Stars, Papa’s Princess and Pink Panthers FC.

Karnataka State Football Association’s endeavor to develop football across the state has largely helped organizations like ours create a positive impact on the footballing community, both men and women, leaving no gender out. The Hon. N.A Harris, President of KSFA, and General Secretary Satya Narayan, came to show support and highlight the progressive steps being taken to develop women’s football in India.

Our physiotherapy partners Core Physio, a leading sports physiotherapy company in India, ensured the medical needs were taken care of promptly and with great care. Their strong impact on sports rehabilitation continues to aid in the development of world class football here in Karnataka.

Source : Press Release by Sports Paddock.


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